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KML equips tracked carrier vehicles from Prinoth

Heavy clearings, vegetation management on pipelines and power lines, fire corridors, recultivation in professional plantation and forestry, infrastructure measures - all this requires powerful vehicles that cannot be disturbed by any tree or root system. For the German manufacturer AHWI, which is meanwhile integrated into the Italian group Prinoth, KML developed and produced special cabins, which are applied to various crawler carrier vehicles Raptor 200 - 800 and are predominantly used in the forestry.

"With our unique cabin know-how we offer a technology, with which we can fulfill each customer's request" says managing director of the KML GmbH, Stefan Lochmann, "KML's cabs are best engineering art and prove themselves outstanding in the forestry range".

Stability and safety

Durability, productivity and robustness are the hallmarks of Prinoth's heavy tracked machines, which are used wherever conventional vehicles reach their limits. High gradients, soft grounds, branches, rootstocks and many other handicaps represent thus also for the cabs of KML a specific requirement profile.

Robust working with a lot of comfort

Durability, traction, efficiency, robustness and comfort - under this premise, KML developed the cabs for Prinoth GmbH, so that the drivers can work in the most diverse areas of application. Ergonomics paired with safety - the KML cabs ensure a pleasant working environment as always. The cabs offer very good visibility, so that during forest clearing operations, for example, an unobstructed all-round view always ensures safe working.

Pleasant working conditions due to noise protection

Naturally, KML's cabins are equipped with a very good heating/air conditioning system, so that the crawler carrier vehicles can manoeuvre in a warm, pleasant room climate in all kinds of climatic conditions. A further bonus is the extremely high noise reduction in the cabs. This means that despite all vibrations and loud ambient noise, the cabs provide a quiet, soundproof environment.

In order to guarantee the driver maximum safety, the cabs must withstand various tests (ROPS, FOPS, OPS.). This involves simulating a multiple rollover of the entire vehicle and the risk of objects falling.

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High-tech cabins from KML

KML is one of the technology leaders in the field of special cabins. For many years, our name has been synonymous with innovative system solutions for high-tech cabins in a wide range of applications. With the highest quality standards and a great willingness to innovate, we develop and manufacture cabins according to the individual specifications of our customers.
KML offers complete solutions "Made in Germany", because all cabins are developed and manufactured exclusively in the house of KML. KML is a partner in demand worldwide for ready-to-plug-in cabin systems.