KML Kabinen becomes a 100% owned subsidiary of the Spohn + Burkhardt Group

am 2023-03-15 12:33

Dear business partner
Since January 2023 the ownership structure of the company has changed. 
Spohn + Burkhardt took over the remaining shares from its partners, Lochmann Kabinen (South Tyrol) and the world market leader in tunnel construction, Herrenknecht, and integrated the company KML Kabinen 100% into the Spohn + Burkhardt Group. 
Already at the beginning of 2020, Spohn + Burkhardt acquired 24.5% of the shares, continuing to consequently focus on its strategy as a "system supplier". 

Spohn + Burkhardt has been producing joysticks, control stations and resistors for harbours, construction machinery, cranes, the rail industry and other industries in the Swabian town of Blaubeuren for more than 100 years. The Spohn + Burkhardt Group now employs approx. 350 people in 5 locations in Germany and own subsidiaries in China, India and the Netherlands. 
In addition to direct sales in the D-A-CH area, 54 dealers are committed to the products in more than 60 countries.
Spohn + Burkhardt recognized early that customers wanted a complete solution combining cabin, control station and joystick. Having 1 contact person for the development and realization of these advanced customer projects helps to minimize interfaces and hence problems. The customer can also trust in us as a system supplier in questions of after-sales, warranty as well as service. 
Spohn + Burkhardt is now unique world-wide in offering a complete plug & play solution consisting of cabin, control stations and joysticks. 
Studies by the University of Dresden show that 27.5 days of sick leave per year lead to exorbitant costs. The answer to this is a product portfolio, from Spohn and Burkhardt, which includes 12 ergonomic standard control stations and joysticks for almost all applications. Paired with standardized as well as customized cabins, we can offer you the greatest possible efficiency thanks to this unique selling point, and of course "made and engineered in Germany".

The new KML team introduces itself with new and probably familiar faces:

Anja Müller
Marco Göpfert

Your contact to the KML-sales, in addition to the Spohn + Burkhardt sales network:

Ralph Held
Gudrun Breig
Sales/spare parts
Manfred Keller

Your contact to technical department and quality:

Frank Wissler
Head of technical department
Alexander Göhring


If you still have questions, we are always pleased to be at your disposal.

We look forward to a continued constructive and cooperative partnership.

High-tech cabins from KML

KML is one of the technology leaders in the field of special cabins. For many years, our name has been synonymous with innovative system solutions for high-tech cabins in a wide range of applications. With the highest quality standards and a great willingness to innovate, we develop and manufacture cabins according to the individual specifications of our customers.
KML offers complete solutions "Made in Germany", because all cabins are developed and manufactured exclusively in the house of KML. KML is a partner in demand worldwide for ready-to-plug-in cabin systems.