Not every cabin is the same. The requirements for modern cabin systems have changed considerably in the last few years. KML has not only kept pace, but has also developed numerous sophisticated solutions for any application in its modular system.

Numerous patents strengthen KML's high development claim, among other things a swing door, a side seat, a windscreen wiper system with increased contact pressure, or the Contiflex - container, in order to list only some here.

  • Market requirements for explosion-proof areas (EX) in different ZONES have been successfully implemented in our R&D by hydraulic solutions.
  • Special low temperature equipment packages allow reliable operation in icy regions. Even under extreme conditions with temperatures below -50° Celsius.
  • Noise protection in the cabin. Here too, we are the specialists for reducing both air and structure-borne noise. Whether it's about cabin mounting, wall construction, different types of glazing, etc. - talk to us, we will find the best solution.

According to the individual wishes of our customers, we develop state-of-the-art cabins with maximum functionality and optimal ergonomics. Cabins from KML are always manufactured to the latest state of the art, both in individual production and in series production.
We know that ergonomic and comfortable cabin equipment increases concentration and reduces operator fatigue.
We make a significant contribution to consistently high safety and productivity.

High-tech cabins from KML

KML is one of the technology leaders in the field of special cabins. For many years, our name has been synonymous with innovative system solutions for high-tech cabins in a wide range of applications. With the highest quality standards and a great willingness to innovate, we develop and manufacture cabins according to the individual specifications of our customers.
KML offers complete solutions "Made in Germany", because all cabins are developed and manufactured exclusively in the house of KML. KML is a partner in demand worldwide for ready-to-plug-in cabin systems.