Our quality policy has been defined by our management and applies to all company divisions.
Our aim is to understand the expectations of our customers in order to be able to offer them suitable, high-quality solutions. Our products should support our customers to be successful in the market.
Our quality vision is: "KML will be number one in Europe". It is based on the following principles: 

  • Quality means understanding and exceeding customer expectations. 
  • Quality begins at the management level. 
  • Quality concerns all employees. 
  • Quality must be integrated into products and processes from the beginning. 
  • Quality is based on measurability and transparency. 
  • Quality requires continuous improvement. 

We achieve and improve the quality of our products by

  • The use of proven manufacturing processes and modern production facilities, 
  • The use of trained and qualified employees,
  • The planning of all necessary measures before and during order processing, 
  • The documentation of quality-relevant data during all processes of product development,
  • The constant optimization of our processes.

In all our activities we take into account the legal and official requirements, applicable standards and regulations as well as the regulations of the professional associations and accident insurance institutions. 
We regularly check the effectiveness of the quality management system by means of internal audits and management assessments.
The responsibility for implementing this policy lies with each employee in his or her area of responsibility.

Quality is LIVED by us!

High-tech cabins from KML

KML is one of the technology leaders in the field of special cabins. For many years, our name has been synonymous with innovative system solutions for high-tech cabins in a wide range of applications. With the highest quality standards and a great willingness to innovate, we develop and manufacture cabins according to the individual specifications of our customers.
KML offers complete solutions "Made in Germany", because all cabins are developed and manufactured exclusively in the house of KML. KML is a partner in demand worldwide for ready-to-plug-in cabin systems.